YouTube’s Clone Of TikTok “Shorts” Coming Next Week

TikTok is banned in many countries. But everything began from the US. There are many versions why this happened. But one thing is indisputable – TikTok doesn’t protect children’s privacy. (In fact, this is what it is accused in.) No company purchased TikTok. And no one is going to buy it. Well, ByteDance (TikTok’s parent company) is not going to sell it. And though it still continues leading the most-downloaded apps list, it is expected to lose this title soon. Many social platforms have already developed TikTok-like apps or features. And Google’s YouTube is no exception.

In September 2020, Google officially announced a new feature for the YouTube mobile app, dubbed “Shorts”. Though even before this feature, it was possible to create short videos in YouTube, “Shorts” brings some new tools like TikTok. It was in beta and tested in selected regions such as India. But today, we learned that it is out of beta and should roll out to everyone in the US by next week.

YouTube’s “Shorts” Will Still Yield TikTok

In practice, “Shorts” is a 15-60s video that will be displayed in a full-screen mode on mobiles. The vertical interface will make it easier for users to swipe between the short videos. In fact, this is a modified interface of the YouTube videos. And this can be clearly noticed on the desktop site. Here “Shorts” will appear as regular videos in the normal YouTube interface.

TikTok offers various video editing tools, a set of effects, music, filters and variable playback speed. In this sense, the first version of “Shorts” will lack almost half of these. But Google proves, over the next year, there will my myriads of new features even exceeding those of TikTok.

Google will add a new “Shorts” tab in the mobile version of YouTube. It will be in the bottom bar. This is the best place for any app to promote a new feature because it’s the thumb area. Here, we can find other important tabs, such as “Subscriptions,” “Library,” and the home page. Plus, YouTube has prepared a bright app-wide advertisement for the new feature. Now, “Shorts” will substitute the “Explore” tab. The latte, which is displaying trending videos, is “Subscriptions,” “Library,” and the home page.

Will the “Shorts” Succeed?

 YouTube has no equals when it comes to video social media. But it should keep eyes peeled to detect any challengers. Once found, it turns on its strategy of copying any interesting feature. You should be familiar with YouTube Gaming (cloned from Twitch), YouTube Stories (cloned from Snapchat Stories), etc. But we should also state that this strategy doesn’t perform well. For example, YouTube Gaming ended up closing down the standalone app. But this may change with the “Shorts”. We mean TikTok is banned by many governments, including India, which is among the largest markets. So YouTube’s clone of TikTok may succeed in this country. Moreover, recently, YouTube, which was testing the feature in India, announced “more than 3.5 billion daily views” of Shorts there.

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