Will Daniel Radcliffe Play Wolverine In Marvel Films?

Daniel Radcliffe Wolverine

One of the most beloved and outstanding characters in X-Men is Wolverine. But in the last part dedicated to this mutant, in Logan (2017), Wolverine died on stakes. Of course, this doesn’t mean the screenwriters can’t resurrect him but it’s more interesting who will play his role.

Moreover, back in 2019, after a successful run at 20th Century Fox, the X-Men finally came home to Marvel Studios. As you remember, in the same year, Disney acquired the studio and the rights to its various properties, including the X-Men. This was what fans had been wishing most. We mean, as there was no copyright conflict, Marvel can finally introduce the X-Men into the MCU. Since then, fans have been building theories about who is worthy to play the legendary comic book hero.

Will Jackman Accept Logan’s Role One More Time?

Wolverine has been a popular character in the Marvel Comics for decades. Jackman made this character even more popular. That’s why this character has appeared in pictures more than other mutants. So if Jackman wouldn’t play Wolverine in the MCU, it will be a real disappointment for fans. But Marvel can solve this problem by inviting another favorite actor that is associated with similar roles.

Radcliffe Doesn’t Want, But Marvel May Convince

Daniel Radcliffe, who is known to us of the Harry Potter franchise, has repeatedly joked that he would gladly play the role of Logan. When everything got more serious, the actor honestly admitted that he was not interested in performing the image of a mutant. Daniel doesn’t want to take part in modern remakes.

However, in the comics, Logan was much shorter than he was portrayed before in the films with Hugh Jackman. While Jackman stands at 6’3″, the original character of Wolverine is 5’3″ which is two inches shorter than the 5’5″ Radcliffe.

In this sense, Daniel Radcliffe could be an ideal ‘variant’. A few years ago, Bosslogic also created an interesting artwork with Daniel in the role of Wolverine.

Daniel Radcliffe Wolverine

As we can in the image, Radcliffe has a look not too dissimilar to Jackman’s. Of course, he showcases his iconic Wolverine claws. On his face, we can also find Terminator-like wounds that makes the Harry-Potter-face of Daniel look more ‘beasty’.

Producer Kevin Feige recently proved that Marvel hadn’t started the search for the next Wolverine. He talked about Daniel Radcliffe’s early refusal of the role, but a lot can change.

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