The hidden reason for Bill Gates’s / Jeff Bezos’s divorce

Before 2019, Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon was the richest men in the world. Bill Gates was among the riches as well. But what happened a couple of years ago shocked everyone. Bezos and Scott announced in 2019 they were getting divorced after a 25-year marriage. Of course, Scott walked away with millions of Amazon shares worth an estimated $38 billion. At that time, when the net was buzzing their divorce, Bezos posted on Twitter saying they remain friends. Really?

Well, divorces happen. But when we heard about the divorce of Bill Gates and his wife Melinda after 27-year marriage and the explanation “We can no longer grow up together,” there were real doubts what’s happening. Bill Gates now ranks fourth in the Forbes Global Rich List, with an estimated net worth of US$124 billion.

Don’t you think these two stories look identical? And as Balzac says “behind every great fortune lies a great crime.” Maybe the crime has yet to be implemented. Here is what really may be laying behind these divorces.

Real Reasons Behind Divorces Of Bezos and Gates

Every day, we hear more and more claims that the global economy will have a major correction very soon. If this happens, stocks can descend by 50% and even more. We guess none of you doubts that businessmen of that caliber have myriads of connections from every sphere, including CIA. So if there is a risk that the global economy will go down, he knows it.

But if this happens, Bezos and many like him will lose tens of billions of dollars. You may think that if Bezos know this will happen ever, he can sell his Amazon stocks. This is not as easy as you may think. Because one he starts doing this, Amazon’s stock price will decrease drastically causing a market crash. Moreover, this is a crime.

So if Bezos knows the economy will crash what he is going to do. Maybe he can follow the example of Enron executive. When this company was about to go bankrupt, the company executives started selling their stocks worth of millions of dollars. But as a result, they got charged for this fraud. However, one of them could avoid any charge.

Before the Enron collapse, one of the executives split with his wife for some random stripper. The judge ordered him to sell his shares and split the proceeds with his now ex wife. So the reason of selling his shares wasn’t accepted as a try to “save the money.”

Now, as for Bezos and Gates, there is every reason to think both know that the market will collapse soon. So they divorce, the judges order them to sell their shares, and no one will accuse them in any crime.

At the moment, the divorce of Gates and his wife is a buzzword. But not many people are thinking there is a trick. Let’s recall who leaked the affair story to the press – the brother of the mistress. We guess this is quite suspicious. So we should keep eyes on this in order to understand whether divorces of “big guys” hint at something serious.

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