Tinder Vibes Will Match Daters According To Their Interests

Tinder, the most popular dating app announced a couple of days ago that it is going to launch a new feature called Vibes. It’s a new way to know more about what users have in common with someone they have just matched with. Tinder described it as “an in-app event that gives members a new way to express their opinions on everything from whether it’s normal to wear socks in bed to what’s happening in pop culture.”

What Is Tinder Vibes?

Tinder Vibes will pop up once a week for 48 hours. It’s a set of quizzes that ask users an assortment of questions. Say, the questions will include: “Are you always 20 minutes early or 10 minutes late?” or “Is it normal to wear socks in bed?” The main idea behind this feature is to bring together users with a common interest. The answers will appear to others who have taken the quiz for 72 hours. So if someone’s answers match with others, their answers will appear in a chart together.

Moreover, all answers will be seen on your profile. And anyone can see it coming across the profile. After disappearing in a week, users will be prompted to answer the next set of questions. They will remain on your profile for a week.

“This new experience builds on in-app events like Swipe Night, where more than 13 million members came together last fall to participate in a shared storyline, and Swipe Surge, which lets people know that Tinder is on fire and helps members spark 25+ per cent more matches on average,” the app said in a statement.

Tinder Keeps It Fresh

In fact, Tinder has managed to bring a number of new products and features during the pandemic to shake up users’ dating experiences. We can just recall Tinder Swipe Night. As for the Vibes, the company clearly said that it had been testing Vibes over the past year. Tinder has stated that the feature has increased likes and matches by an unspecified number. So Vibes is the next small feature to make the app even more popular and help personalize users’ profiles. It will become available in late May.


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