Signal Testing New Option Of Sending 4K Images


Every moment, we send millions of images via messaging apps. Other millions are published on social platforms, such as Instagram. But the developers have made some limitations. Not to strain servers, all messengers compress files before sending. You can see this in Facebook Messenger, for example. The original photo you take and the sent image have different resolutions and sizes. The latter looks grainy when zoomed in. Well, that’s a common “problem” for users. But it seems more and more messengers are going to add a function that enables full-size image transfer. Signal is one of them. The latest feature that Signal is testing allows sending 4K images if you want the file to be delivered in high quality.

However, you should be informed that the feature that allows sending high-resolution images is currently available in the latest Signal beta v5.11.0. If you want to test it yourself, here is the APK you can download and install. Once done, you don’t have to dig in the settings to activate anything or to check a corresponding box. Instead, when you are about to send an image, simply tap the image icon in the bottom left and select High to send 4K images.

When tested, we discovered that an image with a resolution of 6944 x 9248 pixels, weighing 11.6MB, reaches the recipient with a resolution of 3075 x 4096 pixels and a file size of 1.4MB. Thus, there is still some compression. So the statement that Signal will send files in their original size and resolution  is not in accordance with reality. On the other hand, when sending with the Standard setting, the same image is reduced to a resolution of 1201 x 1600 pixels and a file size of 204KB.

If you are looking for a messaging app that will transfer images in their original resolution and size, Telegram is the best option. Plus, you can use WhatsApp for the same purpose. But when sending images, attach them as documents.

p.s. recently, Twitter announced that apart from displaying the image in its original size and resolution, it had been also testing 4K image uploading option on both Android and iOS.


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