Secret Of Invisibility Is Out: Still Immature But Works

Secret of invisibility

We have seen  many sci-fi and adventure movies, where certain objects or human can become invisible. Probably, the most popular characters that master the skill are Froddo and Harry Potter. But in real life, everything is way more complicated. We mean it’s impossible to become invisible with a ring or a magic stick. But what if we say some scientists have developed a way for making objects transparent?

What Is Transparency?

Actually, we can see objects in the form they are because light bounces off of them. In other words, the light don’t pass through, otherwise they would be transparent. Becoming invisible, that is being transparent, has been (is) a dream from the very beginning. And though the method we are going to introduce below is far from being called a mature technology, it works!

How To Make Objects Invisible?

Researchers at Austria’s TU Wien and the Netherlands’ Utrecht University prove they’ve found a way to make light pass directly through objects. They have have developed a unique light wave which can make the object appear invisible to cameras and even the human eye. It works in the following way: they capture pictures of the background, then project them onto the object’s surface. So when looking at the object, we see reflection of what is behind.

‘Each of these light wave patterns is changed and deflected in a very specific way when you send it through a disordered medium,’ physicist Stefan Rotter from TU Wien said in a statement.

As they explain, they beamed a light at an opaque layer of randomly arranged zinc oxide nanoparticles. Then, they calculated how the light was scattered by the zinc oxide powder. And after, they calculated how it would scatter if the powder weren’t there at all. The waves they developed project the same image onto a detector on the other side of the zinc oxide powder as if the powder wasn’t even there.

You may think that these special waves defy the laws of light reflection. But in fact, they are not changed by the object it passed through. They were only dimmed slightly that ensures the effect of invisibility.

Of course, this is not what we are looking for, but the scientists are working on better solutions scattering light. Say, when the objects move, it’s almost impossible to use this approach. Another case, the movement inside biological systems, like blood flow, is too much for the special light beam to work. These two are the the most complicated problems the team is going to solve. But they are sure, day by day, they will make the technology better.

This Is Not The First Attempt

Last year, Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corporation announced a new material, called Quantum Stealth.  When throwing on, the person will disappear. But this material and news about it didn’t go viral because of its efficacy limit. IN fact, the effect invisibility effect depends on the angle of viewing. Plus, the ‘invisible subject’ must be at a specific distance.

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