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Robotics That Changed the Life of Human Beings



Robotics has emerged in the innovative world of technology at a rapid pace. The contemporary era provides many pieces of evidence that suggest that the ease of providing expertise has indeed changed the lives of consumers. Humans have now adapted to the lifestyle brought by the machines, beginning from the slice of bread that pops out from the toaster to actually controlling the
appliances through 5G. Man has now embraced the fact that such innovations are reliable for him to lean on regarding everyday tasks.

In technical terms, the robots have figuratively taken over the day to day interactions; though they remain unnoticed. Robots are constantly in domestic use to record shows, cook food, play music, and even drive cars in some cases. Being the automatic motorized tools, robots are also seen as clunky humanoid foils that have been enjoying the limelight even before the advent of
21 st century. It has been several decades that they have acquired their positions throughout the business.

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Robotics That Changed the Life of Human Beings

Easing Human Work:

Since 2004 there has been a sale of millions of items that help in reducing human effort. These are a few ways in which human lives have been made easy. Robots do not require breaks so; they can complete heavy tasks in a relatively short period of time which makes them more effective.

Rendering Safety and Security:

It has made it easy for people with special needs to connect with the rest of the world. Along with this, it has increased work safety by preventing accidents since humans are not performing risky tasks. For example present day technology is being used to disarm bombs and as firefighters in nuclear plants.

Increasing the Average Living Age:

Robots are now helping increase the average living age of human beings since robots follow the exact algorithm provided to them they can perform certain tasks like surgeries more precisely than most highly trained and experienced doctors, Da Vinci Surgical System has increased the quality of medical facilities across Germany resulting in more people to recover from many fatal
diseases e.g. cancer, brain tumor, hernia. There are many other technologies as well that are contributing in the medical world .for example microchip implant. This microchip can be used to store personal and medical data of the patient’s and then it is implanted inside the human body.

Acting as New Companions of Human Beings:

For people suffering from clinical depression, engineers have come up with a natural solution i.e. Jennie, the robot dog (also known as the tomboy puppy) is now a pet to many miserable people. This puppy is preferred for sick people as it reduces the chance of the exchange of diseases between pet and owner and does not require any maintenance that is required by real dogs. Other than that it gives the owner comfort because of its Interactive Sensors (allow it to react to human touch) and Voice Commands that allow it to make real puppy sounds. This dog understands its owner better than anyone else and adjusts itself according to his/her schedule.

Sophia, the first robot with human traits was designed to be a suitable companion for the elderly at nursing homes or to help people with their everyday routine. It was expected to grasp the human socializing skills that it successfully did. Ironically, she is now part of discussions that are based on Artificial Intelligence and robotic behavior in the future. There is a misconception that robots have taken over jobs and are the main cause of unemployment today. It is a false statement because Robots require humans for their monitoring and supervision and in order to fulfill the high demand of robots in the society today, more
people are required to build them hence more job opportunities have taken place.

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Providing Feasibility:

An extensive number of robots can be created by using the same algorithm; so the same robot can be used in different parts of the world without the need of transportation of heavy machinery or human labor as it can be assembled by any engineer who gets the hang of the algorithm, thus making it economical and feasible.


Robotics has changed our lifestyle in many different ways and will continue to do so as it is our own demand. It is predicted that in the future, robotics will be vastly used to make lives more effective and less demanding. The machines then will be able to perform multiple tasks at a time. This way a lot of time will be saved for human to deluge into some other activity.

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