Now You Can Listen To Music In Facebook Through Spotify’s miniplayer

Facebook doesn’t have a music player. This is one of the most criticized shortcoming of the social platform. But it is going to fix this. Well, in some sense. Last week, it announced a partnership with streaming music service Spotify. Thanks to this cooperation, Facebook adds a new miniplayer that allows its users to listen to music or podcasts directly within Facebook’s app. The miniplayer is called Project Boombox.

Today, both companies are rolling out this integration. It is supported by iOS or Android. As for the other party, the new feature will be available to both free Spotify users and Premium subscribers.

Facebook’s miniplayer for Spotify music playback

In fact, it an extension of the social sharing option already supported within Spotify’s app. So, when Spotify users are listening to music and want to share it to Facebook, through the traditional Share menu, they will be able to add it to either “Facebook” or “Facebook News Feed.”

Facebook miniplayer

On the other hand, when shared to Facebook, it will be displayed in a new miniplayer. So other users can also play the music or re-share it.

However, there are some details you should be aware of. Spotify’s paid subscribers will get a full playback access. As for the free users, they can listen to the full shared track, not a clip.

The miniplayer had been already tested in non-U.S. markets, such as Mexico and Thailand. But now, it is available for users not only in the US but also in Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, South Africa, Thailand and Uruguay.

How Does It Work?

The most important part is that the miniplayer allows the music to play from within the Spotify app. So if you are not logged into your Spotify account, when pressing play on the miniplayer, it will take you to the Spotify app so you can log into Spotify. Moreover, the miniplyer works in the Spotify app environment. This is how the playback continues even as the user scrolls on Facebook.

Moreover, this means you have to install the Spotify app on your smartphone, otherwise the feature won’t be activated. You also can’t sign up for a paid account through the miniplayer. But if you want, you have to download the Spotify app and sign up for a paid account from the app directly.

Both Parties Win

For Spotify, it’s a good chance to get maximum from Facebook users and to drive both sign-ups and repeat usage of its app. Here, we should take one thing into consideration – as Spotify is going to get more paid users, Facebook won’t get a penny from them.

On the other hand, Facebook will have a valuable tool to keep users spending time on its site. In recent years, Facebook has been suffering of this a lot. Now, Facebook can fix it.

Well, this is cool. But it’s not new for any of the parties. Back in 2011, they should launch a similar feature. But it was declined later because of unknown reasons. Spotify had even offered Facebook Login as the default for its mobile app. But this shouldn’t be surprising to you. We mean Facebook and Spotify have a mutual enemy – Apple. The latter has announced privacy-focused changes that impact Facebook’s ad business. And we are not talking about Apple Music and Podcasts.

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