Mozilla Thunderbird Will Get Mobile App Soon

Mozilla Thunderbird

When you have more than one email, you have to use a dedicated program to keep them under control. We understand that there are various programs and sites that allow you to do this. But Mozilla’s Thunderbird is one of those that can easily beat Outlook and many rivals. We have used it for many years and we have to state that it’s really helpful. This program has helped me myriads of times. What’s interesting, this program is 20 years old but it occupies only 0.08% of the market. So there is every reason to think it can be forgotten. That’s why the company is looking to give it a revival — part of those plans includes having a mobile app.

Ryan Lee Sipes, product manager for Mozilla Thunderbird, officially confirmed on Twitter that a mobile app is in the works. However, in his words, the app is his number two priority. The first one is fixing the software’s user interface and overall experience — and he has a point since Thunderbird looks like it could be a time warp portal straight back to 2003. The thread also mentions the possibility of releasing the future mobile app as a standalone APK distributed outside of the Play Store and maybe even the popular open-source app marketplace F-Droid.

It’s promising news for those folks who want to use a reliable FOSS email client on their smartphone and, if executed right, could help Thunderbird jump back into being rated with alternative email services like Spark or K-9. No doubt, Mozilla has plenty of work to do if it is to overcome Thunderbird’s perception as a stagnant platform, but who knows?

There is still no concrete information on when the mobile app will become available, but we may hope to see an alpha yet in the coming months.


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