MasterCard is Priceless®


MasterCard has been making some exciting waves in the news recently. MasterCard has rolled out some impressive upgrades on its services recently. Currently, MasterCard seems poised to hold the entertainment scene by the chokehold with the release of its first album: Priceless ®.

MasterCard showed this album at the just concluded Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. The album, which would be on Spotify first before moving to other platforms, comprises of 10 songs by 10 artistes. These artistes come from different cultures all over the globe, and Niclas Molinder worked with MasterCard to choose them. That’s not the only big-name MasterCard worked with on this album.

MasterCard also collaborated with the creators from Timbaland’s Beataclub, who Timbaland himself mentored. MasterCard would be throwing a launch party in association with Spotify to introduce this album. It’s amazing how MasterCard has evolved from working with artists to having its album.

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