In The New Trailer Of Loki, We See A True God of Mischief


Loki will premiere on June 9. And as the premier date is approaching, the creators have decided to release a new trailer. Though the latest trailer doesn’t disclose the screenplay of the new film, it’s quite interesting to see what a mess Loki (or anyone else) has made and how they all are going to figure it out.

In this trailer, we can see that Loki is finally being true to his moniker, the God of Mischief. And even if you haven’t watched some movies where Loki was, probably, you will not feel incomprehensibility because this films starts where the Avengers: Endgame left Loki off. At least, the trailer starts from a similar scene.

Though Loki’s characters has been on the screens since 2012, in this project, he will appear in new adventures. Say, the trailer shows Loki will have to work for the Time Variance Authority. If you remember, they have arrested him in the Avengers’ 2019 blockbuster, where he tried to run away with the Tesseract.  

Though the marketers of Loki are trying to keep the plot secret, some details are already disclosed. From the trailer, we learn that the Time Keepers need his help to contain a far greater threat than he is. But there are more interesting details we want you to pay attention to.

  1. At the very beginning of the trailer, Loki walks down mysterious tunnels. But what’s more interesting he is wielding two daggers. As you remember, these are the most favorite weapons of Loki, who had been tricking an opponent into letting him get close – and then killing them. This is a clear hint to show who Loki is and why he shouldn’t be trusted. Although this trick didn’t work with Thanos.
  2. Also, there are mysterious black-suited soldiers. But as there is no context, we can’t guess who they are and which clan they belong to.
  3. One of the new characters is Owen Wilson’s Mobius M. Mobius. Now, he is Loki’s defender. But in comics, he was a junior member of the TVA. He managed to rise through the ranks after a run-in with the Fantastic Four. In comics, he even placed She-Hulk on trial.
  4. One of the exiting scenes in the trailer is when it shows the TVA’s base of operations. It’s a massive city with a spectacular range of architectural styles. There is every reason to think that the TVA is in the city of Chronopolis. In comics, the latter sits outside of time in a realm called Limbo. Moreover, each block of the city extends into a different time period. But it’s quite easy to get lost in the city because the portals connecting the blocks can be never found because of frequent change.
  5. In one of the scenes, the Trickster God accuses Loki of taking death and destruction wherever he goes. And after this conversation, we see a destroyed world with a shattered moon. And as Loki likes what he is accused in and takes it as compliment, there is every reason to think that it’s his handiwork.


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