Google Testing Timestamped Comments On YouTube Mobile

Youtube timestamped comment

Back in November, 2020, Google reported that they are working on a new YouTube feature that makes it easier for users to add a video timestamp while commenting on videos. At that time, we learned that it was ‘testing out an easier way to add a video timestamp tied to the exact moment you’re watching when commenting on a video.’ Recently, on its support page, Google said there is a small group of users that is testing a new feature, which allows us to view comments timed to the exact moment.

Youtube timestamped comment

Note: If you want to know whether you are part of the experiment, you have to go to the comments section on iOS or Android, and tap the Sort button to select “Timed Beta”.

YouTube Timestamps

Any YouTube video can have several ‘parts’. Timestamps are links to those parts. Only YouTube video creators can add timestamps in descriptions. But all viewers can add timestamps in the comments section.

Timestamps are used when we need to show the viewers different parts of our video. Say, if in the video, we introduce quite different titles or the video is too long and the viewers want to watch a specific part, timestamps are quite useful.

As comments are very important indicators for any post, including a YouTube video, timestamped comments will help users find what they exactly want. And this will increase engagement and make using YouTube easier.

SoundCloud Has Been Doing This Long Before

In fact, SoundCloud has added a similar feature long ago. Now, Google has decided to add such a feature to YouTube as well.

Moreover, the upcoming timestamped comments in YouTube Mobile is quite similar to the replayed chat section in YouTube Live. Like the latter, the new timestamped comments will help viewers find the most exciting or coolest parts of the video based on comments.

However, we should also note that Google may never (or at least, now) add this feature to YouTube mobile. We mean, as said above, there is a small group testing this feature. And if Google finds its less useful, the company will cancel this feature. Anyway, everything depends on feedback they will get from the testers.


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