Google Pixel 6 Series Phones Will Adopt Quite New Design

The Google Pixel series smartphones are created with a certain goal in mind, that is to showcase Google’s power in making hardware products as well as to bring all the Android goodies to its users first. In fact, the Pixel handsets have been attracting customers due to the pure Android system and many apps that are performing way better than their rivals on the market. And when mentioning the latter, we should recall the GCam first. Anyway, the Google Pixel devices have never been known for their outstanding appearance or innovative design. Instead, the company has been always focusing on performance. But with the launch of the upcoming Google Pixel 6 line devices, everything may change.

Google Pixel 6 With New Design

Recently, Jon Prosser and Front Page Tech showcased renders of the Google Pixel 6 line handsets, including the Google Pixel 6 Pro, that are based on actual photos and prototypes. But again, we should keep in mind that these are renders and the actual models can have quite different look. But if these are true, it simply means we are dealing with a completely overhauled design.

The front of the Google Pixel 6 looks identical to the rest of the smartphones that are on the market now. But if the previous models have been carrying the selfie camera hole in the upper left corner, now it is located in the upper center area.

When turning the phone back, we can see camera module design that has no common things with other models on the market. The iPhonish camera module is replaced with a stripe. It has a glossy black surface and carries the camera sensors that are now placed horizontally. The entire thing is painted in a refreshingly different white/black/orange color scheme.

Moreover, everything on the phone – the stripe, the edges, the sides – are glossy and curvy. We guess in this way, Google wants to showcase its oppositeness to Apple, which uses more straight design elements.

At the moment, we don’t have much information concerning its specs. But the renders clearly show that the Google Pixel 6 will sport a dual-camera setup. As for the Pro variant, the stripe will carry three sensors. There is no fingerprint recognition module on the back, because the series will be using an under-screen fingerprint scanner.

It’s noteworthy that our protagonist will feature Google’s own mobile chip dubbed the Whitechapel. Thus, Google phones won’t depend on Qualcomm or other chip manufacturer anymore.

Google’s I/O conference will take place in a few days on May 18. And this is the date we are waiting for the device to appear on stage.

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