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Facebook Will Now Ask You What To Show in Your News Feed

Facebook news feed

For a long time, many social media platforms have been thinking they know what people want to see. In other words, their neural networks were thought to able to bring the best content to the feed. However, recently, Facebook announced a new way of controlling the News Feed with a Feed Filter Bar. With its help, users not only get a better explanation about suggested posts but also are able to control what and with whom you share a post. However, this is not the all.

Facebook Asks Its Users What They Want To See

The company announced it will expand on “Worth Your Time” surveys. Facebook is going to work closely with its users in order to understand which content is most valuable for them.

As Facebook product management director Aastha Gupta said, they have a goal with News Feed to arrange posts from users’ Friends, liked Groups and Pages they follow to show what’s happening around them. In fact, Facebook’s algorithm takes into consideration thousands of signals to rank every post we see. However, it turns out this is not enough.   

‘Worth Your Time’ Surveys

Facebook started a series of similar surveys back in 2019. They were directly asking people whether a concrete post is worth their time. Then, they used the feedback to arrange posts in their News Feed.

The rest is a matter of algorithm. If users say they like the post, Facebook will show more posts like that. But if it is not worth their time, most likely, similar posts won’t appear frequently.

Of course, Facebook reactions can showcase users’ attitude towards a certain post. And based on this, Facebook may make assumptions and arrange posts in the News feed. But when Facebook directly asks what it wants to know, this could be way more useful.

What Does Facebook Want To Know From You?

Is it the post inspirational? – Currently, Facebook is running a series of global tests in order to understand which posts they find inspirational. The results it gets will serve as signals to arrange posts in News Feed. Such content motivates them and can be useful to them outside of Facebook.

Evaluate interest in certain topics: Though we want to see many news from our Friends and family members, agree that not everything should be shown. To solve this, Facebook is going to ask whether they want to see more or fewer posts about a certain topic, such as Cooking, Sports, or Politics. So even if the post is published by our Friends, but it doesn’t match with our interests, Facebook won’t show it frequently.

Get feedback directly on a post: when we find something that is irrelevant, problematic, or irritating, now, we can tap the X in the upper right corner of the post to hide it from the News Feed and see fewer posts like it in the future. This is one of the most useful features Facebook has brought recently.  

Content users don’t want to see at all: Over the next months, the company will work to understand what kinds of content are linked with user’s negative experiences. Say, when a post has many angry reactions, it will ask people whether they would prefer to see less posts like that.

These features are scheduled to start rolling out in the coming weeks for Facebook users.

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