Cognixion ONE Helps People With Severe Disabilities Communicate Easily

Cognixion ONE

Communication is what makes us humans. But there are many people who are deprived of this. Moreover, the tech world has not paid much attention to those affected by things like locked-in syndrome, ALS and severe strokes. But there are few that want to help these people. Cognixion is among them. They have introduced an interesting artifact a few months ago. The Cognixion ONE AR is a unique product that uses a novel form of brain monitoring. Combined with a modern interface, could make speaking and interaction far simpler and faster.

This headset can track brain activity allowing the wearer direct a cursor in multiple directions. The latter is reflected on a visor. For this, the wearer doesn’t need any physical movement. Plus, they can use voice assistants such as Alexa to have an efficient communicate as well as freely access all kinds of information and content.

How The Cognixion ONE Works

Cognixion has created the ONE AR, a hands-free augmented reality device that can be controlled via a brain-to-computer interface (BCI).

The Cognixion ONE has no dangling wires. It is described by its developers as a wearable window to the world, providing both verbal communication and AI assistance for home automation control, etc.

The Cognixion ONE works through a non-invasive brain-computer interface. It was developed by neurologists and biosignal engineers in collaboration with speech researchers. In addition to integrated AI for home automation, this headset provides several context-sensitive smart keyboards.

Thanks to Cognixion ONE, a person with almost any complex communication disorders associated with the inability to speak, move, see, hear, will be able to simply communicate. The rugged construction and optional accessories ensure that the Cognixion ONE can be used with confidence in your everyday life.

Speech generation software also displays text on a mirrored screen and generates speech. The feedback signal of the dialogue is transmitted in an accessible way for the owner of the Cognixion ONE according to user’s choice from the keyboard on its surface. It has three keyboard options with contextual prompts (QWERTY, ABC, Linotype), is integrated with the popular AI assistant (tba), has a 4G connection, a USB-C charging port. By the way, 4G cellular connectivity ensures constant communication with AI assistant and cloud services.

Cognixion ONE

The Cognixion ONE offers several switchable data transmission options: three degrees of freedom for heading, brain-computer interface, six occipital non-invasive dry electrodes, two auxiliary channels, plus ground and reference channels. To adjust the position of the electrodes, it has an adjustable setting band. The electrodes themselves are disposable and can be replaced if necessary. They provide an 8-channel real-time biosignal streaming. It also uses a companion application for system configuration and remote neural monitoring.

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