China Creates Space Asteroid Defense System. Why?!

near-earth asteroid defense system

Recently, at the opening ceremony of China Space Day 2021, China National Space Administration Director Zhang Kejian revealed that China Aerospace will demonstrate the construction of a near-Earth asteroid defense system in the future.

According to him, we are standing at a new historical starting point. And they are going to demonstrate the implementation of the fourth phase of the lunar exploration project. Apart from this, China National Space Administration starts works on the planetary exploration project, the construction of an international lunar research station and a near-Earth asteroid defense system.

China Wants To Protect The Planet

China is going to start discussions on building a near-Earth asteroids defense system. But this is not anything new. We mean China has always showcased its intentions on long-term missions in space. Recently, it even announced that they will closely work with Russia to build a space station and possibly a lunar base.

FYI: Near-Earth asteroids are those whose orbits intersect the Earth’s orbit. This type of asteroid may be in danger of hitting the earth.

Everyone should be aware of what impacts asteroids had on the Earth. It was an asteroid that caused the demise of dinosaurs and led to mammals taking over the world.

NASA Won’t Join This Program

Though China isn’t the only nation that is worried about near-Earth asteroids, most likely, NASA and other space agencies won’t participate. Currently, NASA is forbidden to work with China on any space projects but this doesn’t mean they will stay away. We are waiting for similar projects from NASA as well.

China is going to establish a space program. In the frame of the latter, it plans thousands of spaceflights per year to carry tens of thousands of tons of cargo and passengers into space by 2045. It will also place probes on the near-Earth asteroid 2016 HO3 and conduct the orbiting detection of the main belt comet 133P. This should take around 10 years. However, China didn’t disclose more details about these programs. Say, we have no information whether it’s a space-based platform or a system that would launch from Earth.

Everything Started Back In 2020

In September 2020, China decided to start the national near-Earth asteroid defense coordination as soon as possible. The center organizes and coordinates small celestial body monitoring and early warning, hazard assessment, security defense and emergency response. Also, it takes the lead in formulating a roadmap for the development of the small celestial body defense system. The center should develop a small celestial body monitoring and early warning platform. As a result, they will form an asteroid monitoring database.

All the aforementioned actions should ensure the deployment of key technology research on small celestial body defenses, the development of key technology verification of small celestial body defense missions, the establishment of a ground simulation laboratory for small celestial body defense missions, and the timely launch of leading small celestial body active security defense missions.

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