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Best Advantages of Playing Video games you Should Know

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Have you ever wondered about video games are good for your health? No, don’t worry. You just heard about the disadvantages but today I am going to explore the advantages of playing video games. Addiction of anything is bad, so keep in mind you don’t have to play every time and stick with your mobile and PC. If you play in a limited amount of time it is good for your health ways. So do you want to know which they are? So keep reading the article and give me your feedback in the comment section.

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Problem Solving Skills

The first advantage of playing video game is it improves problem solving skills. Reason when we play game we do some mission or we need to accomplish something so in this how our brain thinks about some different solutions. This helps our mind to boost and increase problem solving skills. When we achieve mission we think about next and we continue to achieve mission progressively and thus making our mind to think more and present more solutions.

Improve Concentration

While someone plays game if you ask him for something or to look towards him probably he won’t because he keep himself so busy in playing games. Game requires concentration like if you are playing some shooting game and if your concentrations disappears from game you will be killed. Also like other games you need concentration towards the game so you can keep playing and keep doing and mission. This increases our brain concentration and helps us a lot in our real life.

Improves Memory

Video games are good if you want to improve memory. According to a research video gamers tend to have more memory than other people, it is because every time they do different task, try new things, learn new things which improves their memory. They remember every place, character name, even I still remember Cars name from some games like GTA Vice city, Need for speed.

Improves Coordination

Every time gamers thinking about how to accomplish the mission , how to complete this task, they plan different things, it improves their coordination. When two or more friends play together as a squad they help them as well. The play together, coordinate together and try to achieve their mission.

Improve Multitasking Skills

If you ever play a game, i guess every one plays in their life, we need to take care of more than one thing. Like when we are doing some mission, we need to protect someone life and to progress the mission as well, and we need to take care of Other things as well. This increases our multitasking skills, and that helps us in our daily life as well. It helps to manage multitasking as well.

Improves Management

When we play games we make different strategies, we plan things, we keep everything in mind and we follow time as well so that’s increase our management skills. Many people faces management skills problem in their life like some failed in time management , risk management and video games help us in management skills.

Social Skills

When we play the game we interact with different people, we make new friends, when video gamers play some games like PUBG where they interact with each other, so these games can help us to increase social skills as well. A person who plays video games is more social than who doesn’t.

Increase Creativity

Sounds amazing right? Yes. It is. When you play video you think about solutions, you make plan, you make strategy to defeat this helps in boosting your creativity. Many doctors recommends playing video games for increasing creativity. Go and play right now but don’t forget addiction of anything is terrible.

Summing Up

There are other benefits of playing games as well I have mentioned a few of them. If you are a video gamer you know the better benefits of playing video games. But playing every time or excessively can lead to many problems like your health problems, if you are a student it can interrupt your studies. I hope you found this article informative and interesting. Check out our article related to gaming as well. Let me know your opinion in the comment section below. Thanks

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