Are Cards now the Fashion Accessory?

World finance is undergoing quite the shakeups. We have contactless pay to make payments seamless. Now, cards are no longer what we know, with financial institutions taking the liberty with the numbers on the cards.

Some institutions like Chase UK have totally stopped putting numbers on the card, whether front or back. Other financial institutions like Barclays, with their Barclaycard, have put all numbers at the back of their cards. Institutions that completely remove the numbers from their cards claim it’s for added security. However, this could make online purchases needlessly complex.

The institutions that put the numbers at the back of their cards claim they do so not only for aesthetics. Admittedly, some of these institutions want their cards to be flashier and appeal to younger customers. HSBC’s on the other hand, put numbers on the back of their cards for reasons of effectiveness. They want texts to be bolder to benefit challenged customers who can’t see numbers.

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