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5 Top Social Media Apps Used worldwide in 2020

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Do you want to top 5 social media apps used worldwide? Just stay connected with me. Man is a Social Animal. We can not deny the simple fact that we’re attached to one another in various ways. We are living in a society in which we socialize, work together, live together. A few of the individuals are more social while others are less. After Social media today like before folks do not meet, shake hands, hugs every other rather they simply sand an Emoji saying Hello or simply and hand waving. Following the growth of social media today folks are connected internationally to each other that is the reason it’s known as a”Global Village”. Billion of individuals everyday use social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc for different functions. I presumed to accumulate any stats to show you leading social media websites in 2020.

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Facebook is about the surface of the list. The idea of Social media was released following this website. Earlier there wasn’t any idea of Social Media. Facebook just alter everything how we had been living before. Harvard undergraduate Mark Zuckerberg simply revolutionized the entire world.

In accordance with Satista”You will find 2.6 Billion monthly busy User on Facebook at 2020.

We can almost 1/3 of the populace use this program. Nowadays people are promoting their own titles, advertising their company on Facebook. Facebook also possesses the largest social media websites like Whatsapp, Instagram.


In accordance with WhatsApp has 1.5 billion daily and user one billion consumers making its the most popular program. It’s social media created by 2 buddies once they sold WhatsApp into Facebook in 2014. Utilizing WhatsApp you can make video phone, sound, share images, share files. You and post a standing. The thing that makes the user utilize WhatsApp is due to privacy and security. Chat on WhatsApp is procured and nobody can monitor or read your message. There are 5 billion downloads also of WhatsApp in the drama shop.


Today Twitter is an international news channel. Government, Organisations, large businesses, Celebrity utilizes Twitter as a supply of moderate to communicate their message. Twitter can also be one of the best reputable and leading social media platforms. When you create some posts you utilize a hashtag # to inform exactly what you would like to discuss. And this post is referred to as a tweet. In accordance with Wikipedia twitter has 321 million active users. It’s possible to get a twitter program also on Android and iOS.


Instagram is your very best social media program for sharing images, promoting your titles. Afterwards they sold their business to Facebook.

500 million every day Instagram Stories consumers .
34 percent of Instagram consumers aged 25-34; 31 percent are 18-24.
51.2percent of the international Instagram consumer foundation is feminine, 48.8% man.


Share your tales utilizing Snapchat. The wise attribute in Snapchat is it’s possible to share stories for just a brief time period. Utilizing Snapchat camera you’re able to use unique capabilities. Snapchat have 300 million consumers and countless downloads on Google play shop.


So here comes the end. Apart from there are other apps as well like TikTok which is getting popular now. I shared the most popular. Do share it with friends if you like it.

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